VeRocket Overview

The shiny new kid in the VeChain neighborhood

VeRocket is a secure, fast, and audited Defi infrastructure on VeChain.

It is forked from open-source VeChain uni-v2 with the deeply customized multi-task transaction, fee delegation, and automatic VTHO generation features.

It encourages low-fee trading and asset swap for everyone using VeChain.

Let's fly to the moon on VeRocket!

Be VeChain Specific

The Multi-task Transaction (MTT) feature in VeChain is the killer feature on VeRocket. It greatly simplifies the number of requests between frontend/backend and blockchain, which brings users a very smooth and fast user interface.

Moreover, users can benefit from simplified one-click operation during trading (approve, transfer in one transaction using multi-clauses), minimizing the infinite exposure of "Approve" amount of tokens.

Fee delegation is another cool feature on VeChain. It intends to free users from transaction fees, encourage them to trade, and enhance market efficiency. The low gas fee on VeChain makes every transaction affordable for both users and DEX.

Combining the two features above VeRocket DEX not only promotes the trading experience for existing blockchain users but also makes it easier to onboard newbies to the blockchain world.

Simple, Simple, Simple!

Permissionless. To be simple enough, anyone with a VeChain wallet can trade tokens on VeRocket. It's totally permissionless and decentralized. Open 24/7 with no downtime, you can forget about KYC and get your favorite token right away.

0.3% fee always. No hassle of fee calculation, a fixed low fee with 0.3% encourages traders to swap frequently and secure the price with other exchanges. The trader sends 0.3% of the incoming token into the pool as a trading fee. Liquidity providers are entitled to share this fee each time they swap, settlement is imminent.

Automatic VTHO generation. No longer let your VET sleep in your wallets! Users can add VET-related LP without worrying about VTHO generation loss. We generate it for you on VeRocket. All you do is claiming your VTHO rewards with one click, at any time.

Community-driven. With future DAO tokens issued, VeRocket will become a DAO-governed DEX. DAO token holders will have ownership of VeRocket’s governance process. Stakeholders of the protocol will be able to submit proposals for changes to the protocol and vote on factors that affect the entire community such as how the treasury distributes funds.





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