Claim VTHO

Claim VTHO if You Provided VET token to VeRocket

What are VTHO and VET

VTHO is a VIP-180 token on VeChain, which is generated automatically when you hold VET. While the VET is sleeping in your wallet, it generates VTHO every block and you are entitled to own it.

Why VeRocket Distributes VTHO

As you may have understood, once provided funds, your money is kept inside VeRocket for a period of time. Just like when you top up accounts on Binance, Kucoin, OceanEx, etc. The money is kept safely by smart contracts.

However, it generates a new problem, that the VTHO generated by VET is owned by VeRocket, not by the actual user who deposited the VET. We would like users to have these VTHO as if they are seeing them in their own wallets.

Hence we utilized the "VVET" smart contract to virtually track everybody's VTHO book.

This is one of the main features we wrote into VeRocket.

Who is Qualified to Claim

As discussed before, any user providing the VET token is qualified to claim VTHO generated.

For example, if you provide VET+SHA, then you are qualified.

However, if you provide SHA+VeUSD, then no.

Navigate to the "claim" tab, and connect your wallet.

Click confirm to make the withdrawal of VTHO.

What's Next?

Since you know how to claim the VTHO generated. Never been a better place to track your VTHO rewards than VeRocket Charts, a comprehensive chart system for users. View the "Personal" section on the VeRocket Charts for more information.

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