Provide Liquidity

How to provide liquidity and earn tokens on VeRocket

Navigate to "pool" section, and connect your wallet.

2. Select a pool, view the status

For example, if you deposit to the VET/VTHO pool, select it and click the button below to continue the flow.

As you can see, the example user has zero funds in the pool. Now let's click the "Add" button to add some funds to the pool.

3. Type in the funds' amount, Confirm.

You can choose to fill up the pool with the tokens you have. Once you are done with it, click Add to confirm your adding. Then the funds will be deposited in the pool automatically for you.

4. View the pool status, again.

Now that you have funds in the pool, view the status again to see your funds.

What's Next?

Congratulations! You are now a mature liquidity provider and earning some fees!

The 0.3% trading fee (whether it is token A or token B) is automatically shared amongst all users of the specific pool. Each time a trader swaps, he leaves 0.3% of his input amount into the pool. To clearly view the growth of your funds in the pool over time, visit VeRocket Charts-"Personal" section for more information.

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