Personal Dashboard

How to use personal dashboard of VeRocket

VeRocket Charts has a comprehensive search engine to find any users and the status of their holdings.

To view yourself, or your friends' dashboard, simply search for it.

The personal dashboard provides a summary of the tokens you pooled and the full transaction history of your recent swaps.

Type in the wallet address you want to look up, here we take an example:


Click the search and follow the link to the new page.

2. View the details

As you can see, there are three sections.

The top section summarizes the user's unclaimed and claimed VTHO.

The middle section details that the user has deposited two pools: VET/SHA and VET/VEUSD.

Currently, his balance is zero, which means he has withdrawn funds from the pool at some time point. When and how much? We will continue the exploration in the next tutorial.

The last section is about his recent swaps on the VeRocket.

What's Next?


You have checked a user's dashboard data.

Next, we will move on to how to read users' holding details on the pool in the next tutorial, the "Personal Holdings" part.

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