Personal Holdings

How to view a user's assets on a pool

What liquidity providers care about the most is the following question:

If I provide token A and token B on the pool, how much money did I make?

The "Personal Holdings" page answers the question directly.

1. Click to view the holdings

In this example, we still use the account in the previous tutorial:


Now, we click on the left on his dashboard, the VET/SHA pool, to view the details of his liquidity.

2. View the holdings

Nice and easy. VeRocket already calculated the person's summary on the pool.

He deposited 1.26k VET + 20.06k SHA

Withdrawn 1.26k VET + 20.15k SHA

What a surprise. Earning is a net profit of +0.09k SHA

That's it!

The user-related features are the most carefully crafted pages on the charts, they shed some light on the complicated path of navigating DEX trades and history.

Bookmark the page, come back, and view your assets from time to time. Remember, it is a long journey and the earnings will appear!

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