Pool Overview

Get status details on individual pools.

The status of a single pool is always interesting when we want to know its health of this pool.

Let's take an example of the VET/VEUSD pool to explore the metrics of pools.

1. Overall Numbers

As you can see, the TVL, Trade Volume Today, Trade Volume past 7 days, and Unclaimed VTHO stuck in the pool are shown on the left. These are the key figures describing the profitability and activities that happened in the pool.

2. Price, Volume and TVL

On the right side of the pool page, we deliver the price history, trade volume history and total volume locked (TVL) history of this pool.

By showing these curves, the users can better understand the change of funds in the pool and have a clearer idea of whether or not they want to put money into it.

For example, the VET/VeUSD pool has a 3.1 Million worth of VET transactions on 2022/05/06

What's Next?

VeRocket has such nice figures describing the pools, that you can now rely on the info to decide which pools you want to participate in. Go for the higher returns, higher swapping volume pools, and surely VeRocket will make you money. Start depositing your funds at app.verocket.com

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