Charts Overview

Get an overview of VeRocket data

The landing page of VeRocket charts introduces a number of metrics.

1. TVL and Trade Volumes

In the top section, some essential metrics are introduced

  • Total Volume Locked (TVL), past 30 days. This indicates how many assets are in the liquidity.

  • Trade Volume, past 30 days. Each day's trading volume. Calculated every day at UTC 00:00.

  • Traders, LP providers, and Claimed VTHO.

2. Top Pools and APY

Put it simply, this is the top 10 traded or some larger pools on VeRocket.

As you can see, the key metrics are the size of the pool and the APY over the last 7 days.

For example:

  • VET/VTHO pool is the largest with 7 million VET worth of tokens inside.

  • VET/VEUSD pool has a 7-day average APY of 22.32%.

  • VET/SHA pool traded at least 3.1 million VET over the past 7 days.

Click "View More" to expand the pools list and view more pools that interests you.

3. Transaction History

The last section is the most recent transaction history that occurred on the VeRocket. The section is live data and updated by blocks.

Both swap actions and liquidity actions are listed and you can click to explore the detail of it easily by clicking at the end of the line.

What's Next?

VeRocket has such nice figures describing the pools, that you can now rely on the info to decide which pools you want to participate in. Go for the higher returns, higher swapping volume pools, and surely VeRocket will make you money. Start depositing your funds at

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