Remove Liquidity

How to remove your funds from VeRocket

1. Go to

Connect your wallet, and navigate to "pool" section.
Choose a pool that you would like to remove the funds.
On the pool detail page, click "remove" button to withdraw your funds.
View your position and remove liquidity

2. Choose the amount to remove

Use the slider to specify the amount you want to remove. If you prefer convenient functions, use the buttons below, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% to do quick selection.
Choose the percentage of your position to remove

3. Confirm

Once you are done selecting, click confirm to make the withdrawal.
Confirm the removing

4. Check the status

Once the transaction is completed, check the balance of your holdings again.
Your position and pool reserve will be updated

What's Next?

Congratulations! You are now a mature liquidity provider and earning some fees!
The 0.3% trading fee (whether it is token A or token B) is automatically shared amongst all users of the specific pool. Each time a trader swaps, he leaves 0.3% of his input amount into the pool. To clearly view the growth of your funds in the pool over time, visit VeRocket Charts - "Personal" section for more information.